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Secrets of Women’s Self Defense

The 14 week online self defense course. Raise crime resistant, perceptive kids. Fill in gaps in your street smarts or martial arts training.

OMG! Teja, your first [lesson] actually had me in stitches! I had kombucha come out my nose! …I’ve learned a lot, far more than I ever thought I would… I LOVE this!” Deloris DelRio

Conflict Research Group Int’l

CRGI is a resource for instructors.  It is the result of an alliance between self defense professionals with very different viewpoints and experiences, but a common commitment to expanding awareness, insight and options related to all aspects of interpersonal conflict and violence.

Mommy & Me Self Defense Resources

After years and years of martial arts and adventuring, I decided to go for the biggest adventure of them all – Motherhood. It was a lot more than I had bargained for. My martial arts background never addressed the issues of safety with a child in tow. I have spent the past 10 years looking into these issues. Here are some ideas and even an Audio Program to help guide you.

What is Protective Offense?

Offense For The Purpose Of Self Defense

Protective Offense is a new paradigm of self defense
that puts the emphasis on Common Sense, Personal Responsibility, Good Judgement, Perceptiveness and Problem Solving ability, especially under pressure. Call it the 4 P’s: Preparation, Problem Solving, Personal Responsibility and Perspicacity*, a word we don’t hear often that means common sense, shrewdness and perceptiveness all rolled into one.

This is not to say that Protective Offense isn’t physical. Physicality is an important part of self protection, not least because a strong mind is encouraged by a strong body.

But force alone does not protect us. And thank goodness. A predator’s job is to find the best prey. If force were the answer to everything, there would be no hope at all for the injured, the elderly, the pregnant, the sick. But small animals routinely fight off larger opponents with trickery, speed and the element of surprise. These are tactics that need to be considered in situations where the target of a physical attack is smaller and weaker than the aggressor.

Protective Offense skills are not just a collection of physical techniques, but a complete three dimensional picture of how we interact with the world. These skills can enhance our lives on all levels while keeping us out of trouble and helping us get out if we find ourselves in a jam.

Protective Offense takes a longer view and seeks to help us deal with feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, fear, anxiety. Feelings a lot of us live with. Feelings that cause us to lash out. Feelings that make us targets of abuse, lonliness, depression, desperation. All emotions that can cause reactions that get us into trouble.

Protective Offense lives in a strange new place that falls between Self Defense, Leadership and Self Help.

The term “Protective Offense” is also a more active one, meant to replace the legal term, “Self Defense” which tells the judge why you hit him with the baseball bat, but in practice, doesn’t cover other people we are responsible for (“self”) or put us in the proper mindset to protect our families against the odds (“defense” rather than “offense”).

Protective Offense implies offense for the purpose of self defense. Think offense as in chess, preparing several steps ahead, seeing a few moves ahead, projecting our desired outcome or best case scenario and being the masters of our own existence.  ~ Read More


  • A Tool Box for Life’s Ups & Downs

    No one ever teaches us how to problem solve. They just tell us to do it. Protective Offense is a more complete concept of self defense. Think of it as a tool box for conflict, danger and emergency management. Guess What? These are LEADERSHIP skills.


    We still live in a wilderness, it’s just a concrete wilderness. We’ve allowed this illusion of civilization to cloud our eyes, and we’ve lost connection with our instincts. Hopefully we’ve only misplaced it. As a result, we put way too much responsibility on others for our safety and decision-making. Police, lawyers and doctors can all do their jobs better if we do our part.

  • Take the term and run with it.

    Protective Offense is meant to replace the legal term, “Self Defense” which tells the judge why you hit him with the baseball bat, but in practice, doesn’t cover other people we are responsible for (“self”) or put us in the proper mindset to protect our families against the odds (“defense” rather than “offense”).

The Protective Offense Mission:

To reinvent Self Defense as Protective Offense – problem solving, conflict management and physical self defense – for women, families and populations who need it most. To create a series of Life Tools that can be learned and practiced in collaboration with kids and family by online workshop, video, audio and games, so self defense works better for everyone and parents can protect themselves against considerable odds so they can Raise Strong, Productive Children Who Will Never be Victims or Criminals.

“A self defense course should do more than teach you to get out of trouble, it should teach you to stay out.”

~ Teja Van Wicklen, founder of Protective Offense

“You have to get beyond self protection in order to fly.”

~ Elizabeth Streb, On Dance and Extreme Action